Monday, 20 February 2012

A Skincare Disaster (Simple.)

Now, I am not one for negativity but I feel that some these two Simple skincare products deserve some negative attention. Never, ever in my life have I had such a terrible reaction to something I've put on my face! 

A few months ago, my favourite facial wash was discontinued & this is what prompted me to pick up the Simple 'Refreshing Facial Wash Gel'- I really wish I hadn't! After 2 days of using this I had to stop; I had broken out in the most disgusting cystic acne, all over my face. They were angry, sore, red & so so painful. I can honestly say I've never before had these kind of spots & haven't since. I had changed nothing else in my routine so the blame falls entirely on this facial wash. 

Since then, I have Googled this product a few times out of interest & found that lots of other people have had the same problem! Gracie from UglyFaceOfBeauty explained a very similar reaction in one of her videos. I also mentioned it to a few of the girls I work with & two of them also experienced exactly the same result! Both of these girls have lovely skin which is not even prone to blemishes normally. There is something wrong with this product & I actually believe it should be taken off the shelves. Please, for the sake of your beautiful faces DO.NOT.BUY.IT.

Secondly, the Simple 'Spotless Skin - Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes are absolutely not suited to drier skin types. I'd read quite a few positive reviews on these wipes & decided to give them a try on my blemish prone skin. All this resulted in is cheeks so dry that they actually became scaley & PEELED OFF. This was after approximately 5 days of use. Again, I've never had such a reaction before. There is something very strong in these wipes & I for one am not comfortable with using something that harsh on my face anyway, even if it seemingly doesn't have any negative effects.

Before this, I didn't have particularly problematic skin & it completely threw me into despair. That may seem a bit extreme but my face looked terrible & it made me extremely self conscious. Plus I had no idea how to make it better! At this point I got my Google hat on and discovered all the benefits of extra virgin olive oil when used in skincare - Thankfully the eevo routine returned my skin to it's normal condition pretty quickly & now I wouldn't be without it. I have even introduced other products (very carefully) into my routine recently, but I could swear my face has never been the same since the Simple fiasco - it is much, much drier nowadays. It seems that I now have a constant battle keeping it hydrated. I think these products basically stripped all the good oils from my face & it's taking time to recover. Boo.

I do like the Simple moisturisers, however I will not be touching any of their other products again. I stay away from all cleansing wipes as a rule now too - Personally I believe they are not necessary & are far too harsh on skin.

Have you tried these products? How did they work for you?!


  1. Oh that sounds awful! I have never tried simple products and i never will as i have very dry skin. If your looking for something to put moister back into your skin, i use palmers solid formula coco butter. It works a treat to recover any dry skin.

  2. < I think that states my opinions on Simple quite nicely! Their creams, apart from the Spotless Skin one, make my skin cry!

    Hope your skin feels better soon; Simple is such a lie x

  3. Oh my god that's terrible.. I use Simple products all the time thinking they'll never do any harm to my skin!

    I've not tried either of these products, and definitely won't be anytime soon! I really like their foaming cleanser and moisturiser though

  4. I had the same problem with the face wash, I had so many spots after using it for a week! I think the name 'Simple' is really misleading, a lot of their products irritate my skin but we're led to believe that the ingredients are 'pure' (according to their website)! x

  5. I know exactly how you feel! My skin went through an awful patch when I used a 'witch' product so understand the self confidence issue!!

    I've not tried the gel and now I am not going to either!!! I have used the facial wipes though and found them too harsh on my skin! Definitely avoiding them in the future. I use their cleansing lotion and it is vile. When I squeeze it onto my cotton wool, it looks like curdled milk! Bleugh. x x

  6. That sounds awful, I won't be trying these out then!

    Sarah xx

  7. This is awful :'( we should boycott Simple! xxxx

  8. I used the facial wash once and broke out. so frustrating. However I find that the wipes are fine, although i do have fairly oily skin - strange that they had such a strong effect on you! you're right i think they should take it off the market it's horrendous. x

  9. This is terrible, thanks for sharing ! I had problems with tissues but it was another brand...I prefer my La roche Posay cream to take my make up off, my skin is very delicate and wipes make it go all red =(
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  10. sorry to see you had such a bad time with them! i use their make-up removal wipes and haven't had a problem, i do have sensitive skin as well, love the blog btw! please check me out xo

  11. Oh my gosh, that's terrible! You wouldn't think it from Simple would you!? I've used their facial wash before (it wasn't this one though) and it's been fine for me but I definitely wont be repurchasing anything simple from now on!!

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  12. I use to use simple all the time, it did nothing for my skin if anything made it worse! i would not buy them again, you should try using Lush 'tea tree cleansers' there specialy for teenage skin. Ive done a blog about them ,have a read through and see if they sound like something that would suit you (: xxx

  13. I suffered from the same experience. I got such bad acne from the simple range I've had to go to the doctors to get tablets :( xx

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